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PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:12 am Reply with quote

2008-10-20 v2.30.00 Bug Fixes/Enhancements/Security Fixes/NukeSentinel(tm)

0001232: [-Specific to OS] language not changing (RNTEAM) - resolved.
0001086: [-Specific to OS] Table Indexes Maintenance Needed (Raven) - resolved.
0001267: [Addons - Content Plus] Content_Plus module added to AddOns (Raven) - resolved.
0001155: [Addons - HTML Newsletter] Lose left blocks in admin with HTML Newsletter and Legal modules in RavenIce theme (Montego) - resolved.
0001005: [Addons - Legal] Add multilingual and add documents capabilities to the Legal module (Montego) - resolved.
0001006: [Addons - Legal] Integrate the TOS from the Legal module with the new RNYA module (Montego) - resolved.
0001100: [Addons - Mailer] Upgrade to version 1.0.1 which includes latest Swift Mailer 3.3.3 (Montego) - resolved.
0000941: [Addons - nukePIE] SimplePie can't read RSS 1.0 feeds properly (KGuske) - resolved.
0000964: [Addons - ShortLinks] Minor tweak to nukeFEEDs tap to cover inconsistent <link rel...> link for ATOM feed (Montego) - resolved.
0001090: [Addons - ShortLinks] Modify ShortLinks for the new Legal module re-written for RavenNuke (Montego) - resolved.
0001088: [Addons - ShortLinks] Modify ShortLinks for the new RNYA module (Montego) - resolved.
0001224: [Addons - ShortLinks] Out of memory condition in some Moderator Control Panel functions (Montego) - resolved.
0001179: [Addons - Shout Box] Notices and warnings within Shoutbox addon (Raven) - resolved.
0001197: [Addons - Shout Box] Shoutbox - Notices & Warnings (Raven) - resolved.
0000967: [Addons - WYSIWYG] Upgrade nukeWYSIWYG to use latest 2.6 FCKEditor (KGuske) - resolved.
0001117: [Admin Functions - Forum] Code Missing in Forums Admin Group Administration area (Evaders99) - resolved.
0001116: [Admin Functions - Forum] Header label code missing in forum admin auth (Evaders99) - resolved.
0001111: [Admin Functions - Forum] Template missing definitions (Evaders99) - resolved.
0000962: [Admin Functions - Modules] Re-send Email module uses $prefix for users and not $user_prefix (Raven) - resolved.
0000972: [Admin Functions - Nuke] Block Ordering (fkelly) - resolved.
0001044: [Admin Functions - Nuke] Conflict with edit message function of admin.php (KGuske) - resolved.
0001060: [Admin Functions - Nuke] Defunct password length setting in preferences (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0001024: [Admin Functions - Nuke] Messages function doesn't escape quotes (Gremmie) - resolved.
0001092: [Core (in General)] .ftaccess file is missing (Raven) - resolved.
0000922: [Core (in General)] Compartmentalize all files pertaining to forums to Forums module (Raven) - resolved.
0001238: [Core (in General)] Should we add to documentation our future direction is PHP5 for 2.4.0? (Raven) - resolved.
0001023: [Core - .htaccess] Added documentation and enhancements (Raven) - resolved.
0001014: [Core - .htaccess] Mod Rewrite rules not working (Raven) - closed.
0001260: [Core - admin.php] Using admin.php when setup.php has not been run no longer works correctly (Raven) - resolved.
0000968: [Core - Blocks] Allow users to set maximum number of items per feed (fkelly) - resolved.
0001215: [Core - blocks] Languages block do not check if multilingual feature is on (Raven) - resolved.
0000933: [Core - Blocks] Last Five Articles Distorts Theme (Raven) - resolved.
0001176: [Core - blocks] Site Info Block - Latest Member not showing (Raven) - resolved.
0001192: [Core - blocks] Undefined variable Notice when changing Flags setting in Preferences (Montego) - resolved.
0000927: [Core - Blocks] User_Info Block $whoisServerString Update (Raven) - resolved.
0001089: [Core - config.php] Remove obsolete configuration settings from rnconfig.php due to new RNYA module (Montego) - resolved.
0001059: [Core - footer.php] This page is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional! (Raven) - resolved.
0000974: [Core - htaccess] Redirect for 404 error (Raven) - resolved.
0001184: [Core - language] Notice in Downloads German language file (Raven) - resolved.
0001147: [Core - language] Spanish and additional languages added / updated (Raven) - resolved.
0000422: [Core - mainfile.php] Remove old and obsolete sql_layer.php which also means all old $dbi based scripts will FAIL (Montego) - resolved.
0001222: [Core - modules] $index - Inconsistent backward compatibility handling (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0000945: [Core - Modules] Add module How_To_Install for using from Module List (Raven) - resolved.
0000953: [Core - Themes] Add new theme CT_RN - a clan looking theme (Montego) - resolved.
0000949: [Core - Themes] fisubice hard coded subSilver image (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0001087: [Core - Themes] Remove Odyssey theme (Raven) - resolved.
0001208: [Discussion/Opinon] Statistics module updated to track Google Chrome and Safari browsers (Raven) - resolved.
0001273: [Documentation] Clarify instructions to avoid code duplicity in .htaccess where CGI Auth is concerned (Raven) - resolved.
0000939: [Documentation] Correct differences in validation results between HTML Tidy and W3C Validator (Raven) - resolved.
0001016: [Documentation] duplicate text in HowTo (Montego) - resolved.
0001137: [Documentation] Need comprehensive list of permission changes (JakeC) - resolved.
0001265: [Documentation] Nuke Sentinel page warning (Raven) - resolved.
0000920: [Documentation] On the Additional Add-Ons page there is a paragraph that is repeated (Raven) - resolved.
0001047: [Documentation] Update all documentation to be compatible with RN v2.3.0 (JakeC) - resolved.
0001140: [Enhancement Request] Admin login | Alpha numeric warning language constant (Raven) - resolved.
0000948: [Enhancement Request] Error Pages - Need more professional looking (Raven) - resolved.
0000652: [Enhancement Request] Fix E_STRICT errors for integer casting in mysql.php (Montego) - resolved.
0001233: [Installation/Installer] Add file difference reporting capability for upgrades as files have moved around and/or been removed (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0000950: [Installation/Installer] attachment mod sql (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0001212: [Installation/Installer] Clean up some Warnings, allow for different MySQL user privileges, language tweaks (Raven) - resolved.
0001084: [Installation/Installer] Group value missing in sql for some modules (Montego) - resolved.
0001175: [Installation/Installer] Installer was not setting initial user's user_level to 2 (administrator) (Raven) - resolved.
0001252: [Installation/Installer] Miscellaneous tweaks specific to Installation process (Raven) - resolved.
0001213: [Installation/Installer] New Install Scripts modifications for additions to ravenstallerConfigFile.php script (Raven) - resolved.
0001272: [Installation/Installer] NS track IP config default should be ON (Raven) - resolved.
0001019: [Installation/Installer] setup.php SQL failure - post RNYA integration (Guardian2003) - closed.
0001274: [Installation/Installer] Slogan and Site Name displaying \ Escape Character when text contains quotes (Raven) - resolved.
0001093: [Installation] Update rndb_upgrade script for 2.30.00 changes (fkelly) - resolved.
0001099: [Installer] Clean up several issues in new installation scripts (Raven) - resolved.
0001259: [Installer] Major upgrade to Install and Setup scripts (Raven) - resolved.
0000947: [Installer] Re-organize rndb_upgrade.php script to ease updates for new versions plus fix a bug or two (Montego) - resolved.
0001268: [Module - Downloads] Status images in Downloads don´t display with some language settings (Raven) - resolved.
0001132: [Module - ErrorDocuments] warning.gif missing from some themes (Raven) - resolved.
0000935: [Module - Forums] Addon mods moved to core (Raven) - closed.
0001122: [Module - Forums] Allowed extensions and sizes link producing error (Evaders99) - resolved.
0001036: [Module - Forums] Correct all anchor tag <a> target attribute values to _blank for HTML and XHTML compliance (Raven) - resolved.
0001077: [Module - Forums] Language warning on Forums (Evaders99) - resolved.
0001235: [Module - Forums] Remove $db->sql_close(); statements from phpbb scripts. (Raven) - resolved.
0001067: [Module - Forums] Wrong Forums inclusion paths (Evaders99) - resolved.
0001167: [Module - HTML Newsletter] Typo in HTML newsletter administration english language file (Montego) - resolved.
0001171: [Module - Journal] Search a Member - Change Case (JakeC) - resolved.
0001020: [Module - Journal] wrong image path (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0001022: [Module - nukeFEED] Nuke Feed Admin showing blank page due to Fatal error: Cannot use object of type xmlrpcresp as array in. . . (KGuske) - resolved.
0001191: [Module - Private Messages] Add Attachments Mod in private messages (Raven) - resolved.
0001068: [Module - Private Messages] PM upload facility anomoly (Evaders99) - resolved.
0001097: [Module - RWS_WhoIsWhere] Adding INCLUDE_PATH in config.php breaks WhoIsWhere (Raven) - resolved.
0001098: [Module - RWS_WhoIsWhere] Error message not displayed when config.php file can't be located (Raven) - resolved.
0000970: [Module - rwsMetAuthors] hard coded table prefix in rwsMetAuthors index file (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0001226: [Module - rwsMetAuthors] SQL problem in RWSmetauthors (Raven) - resolved.
0000960: [Module - Search] Incorrect word used in language file (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0001164: [Module - Top] Spelling mistake in Top Module (JakeC) - resolved.
0001161: [Module - Topics] Extra "." (dot) in the Topics Module Copyright message Popup. (Raven) - resolved.
0001257: [Module - Web Links] Status images in Weblinks don´t display with some language settings (Raven) - resolved.
0001150: [Module - Your Account (RNYA)] Broadcast Message - Grammar mistake (KGuske) - resolved.
0000975: [Module - Your Account] Replace Your Account module with new RNYA module based upon CNBYA 5.0 beta (KGuske) - closed.
0001052: [MySQL Version Related] MySQL table type defaulting to InnoDB (Raven) - resolved.
0001070: [NukeSentinel] Notice error introduced in header.php (Montego) - resolved.
0001195: [NukeSentinel] Notices / warnings in admin.php?op=ABDBRepair (Raven) - resolved.
0001156: [NukeSentinel] Notices within NukeSentinel(tm): Display Blocked IP's (Montego) - resolved.
0001183: [NukeSentinel] Nuke Sentinel administration - NS module notices (BobMarion) - resolved.
0001127: [NukeSentinel] reference to undefined XML name in sentinel scrolling block (Raven) - resolved.
0000973: [NukeSentinel] Unable to delete an admin record (Raven) - resolved.
0001239: [NukeSentinel] Undefined variable $totalselected in abtrackedpages.php (fkelly) - resolved.
0000969: [NukeSentinel] Unknown column "ip_lo" (Montego) - resolved.
0001057: [NukeSentinel] Upgrade NS to 2.6.01 (Raven) - resolved.
0001007: [Other] Add switch to turn on/off the statistics counter for logged in admins and any number of users (Montego) - resolved.
0000966: [Other] function paid() sql error (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0000944: [Other] IP Ban causes undefined offset error when there are no banned IPs (Raven) - resolved.
0000957: [Other] Modify to allow main module active in home to be controlled by modules permissions (Montego) - resolved.
0000984: [RNCore - Sentinel] Apply NukeSentinel 2.6.0 updates (Raven) - resolved.
0000982: [Security / Vulnerability] Remove redundant httpreferer code from index.php (Montego) - resolved.
0001008: [Security] Incorporate fixes from White-Hat Team and montego's review of code for SQL injections (Montego) - resolved.
0001251: [Separate Presentation from Logic] Provide the means for an overall RavenNuke(tm) default set of CSS statements (Montego) - resolved.
0001058: [SQL] Core SQL and upgrade script needs to add new modules into _modules table (Montego) - resolved.
0001015: [SQL] Error in table installer on MySQL4 - Error is "Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes" (Montego) - resolved.
0000995: [SQL] hard coded table name for TegoMailer (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0000992: [SQL] Redundant table (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0000934: [SQL] TegoNuke(tm) Mailer throwing SQL error if admin had not clicked on the admin link yet (Montego) - resolved.
0001228: [Theme] 3D Fantasy theme - invalid CSS 2.1 (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0000924: [Theme] Javascript syntax error in theme.php (Raven) - resolved.
0000942: [Theme] Make Kaput compliant (fkelly) - resolved.
0001065: [Theme] Sunset template fails to load - Missing attachment_mod template files (Evaders99) - resolved.
0000980: [Un-Categorised] Meta tag update - Misspelling ravennuke as ravenuke leads to bogus site (Raven) - resolved.
0001223: [Un-Categorised] Removed UserInfoAddOns as Delete user link throws blank page with new RNYA (Raven) - resolved.
0001258: [Upgrade Scripts/Process] Convert HowToInstall scripts to HTML (Raven) - resolved.
0001010: [Upgrade Scripts/Process] DB Upgrade Script - Undefined constant in mysql.php (fkelly) - resolved.
0001009: [Upgrade Scripts/Process] DB Upgrade Script Error and Warnings (Raven) - resolved.
0001064: [Upgrade Scripts/Process] INCLUDE_PATH - rndb_upgrade.php fails (Raven) - resolved.
0001230: [Upgrade Scripts/Process] Modify upgrade scripts to accomodate the new ravenstallerConfigFile.php (Raven) - resolved.
0001011: [Upgrade Scripts/Process] Notice and Compliance issues in NukeSentinel(tm) rndb_upgrade_nukesentinel.php Script (Raven) - resolved.
0001069: [Upgrade Scripts/Process] NukeSentinel(tm) v2.6.01 Upgrade (fkelly) - resolved.
0000983: [Upgrade Scripts/Process] Update installer tests and sql for httpreferer module removal (fkelly) - resolved.
0001110: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] 9 Compliance Warnings in TegoNuke Mailer Settings (Montego) - resolved.
0001154: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Change open br tags to closed br tags (Raven) - resolved.
0000937: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Compliance fixes (KGuske) - resolved.
0001168: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Notices and Warnings within Edit Authors (Montego) - resolved.
0001180: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Notices, warning and compliance issues in News administration (Montego) - resolved.
0001169: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Notices, warnings and compliance issues in Edit Groups administration (Montego) - resolved.
0001159: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] NSN Groups notice (Guardian2003) - resolved.
0001129: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Sentinel Template Compliancy (Montego) - resolved.
0000923: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Specify the meta tag content style type for css (Raven) - resolved.
0001210: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Themes no longer completely XHTML compliant due to file attachment mod! (Montego) - resolved.

[142 issues]

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