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RavenNuke (tm) v2.40.01 Scheduled for release the week of February 7th!
Date: Monday, February 01, 2010 @ 22:21:51 CET
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Sponsorship for RavenNuke(tm) - Can we make it a reality?

The RavenNuke(tm) Team are excited to announce that RavenNuke(tm) v2.40.01 is slated to be released the week of February 7th! This release culminates months of debugging and a few enhancements. Also to be included with this release will be a minor upgrade to NukeSentinel(tm), including a complete IP2C table refresh!

Just a note as to the planned future for RavenNuke(tm). Keep in mind that nothing is ground in stone. How fast we move and how much we can incorporate in any given amount of time is solely dependent on the amount of time the RN Team (voluntary army) can devote to the project. After factoring in their family obligations, job obligations, sanity obligations (R&R), vacations, etc., they can then devote the time left to RN. Oh yes, I forgot a few other small details: eating, sleeping, and waste removal :wink:.

How can YOU help, you ask? The biggest help would be to get someone or a group of people or a company or a group of companies that use(s) RN to sponsor the future development! If there was a set/minimum amount of money allocated each month or for a set of months to be dispersed amongst the development then I'm sure that would be the incentive to work a little harder and to cut into all their extra time that they devote to other things. This would be the best and fastest way to help develop the next major release which is going to be leaps and bounds above what we have done so far.

Any takers? How about it? Anyone work for a company that uses RN? If so, please talk with your management and contact me personally at sponsorship@ravennuke.com. For an open discussion concerning Sponsorship, please use this forum:

Sponsorship for RavenNuke(tm) - Can we make it a reality?


We had to move the release date out 1 week - sorry :)

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