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RavenNuke(tm) v2.40.00 Released
Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 @ 05:32:28 CEST
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RavenNuke(tm) v2.40.00

On behalf of the RavenNuke(tm) Team I am excited and proud to announce the release of Raven CMS version 2.40.00. There way too many enhancements and changes to list them here. Please read the Change Log for specifics.

One very important announcement is the release of our new Wiki! While it does contain most all of the data that was formally contained in the HowToInstall section, it is very much a work in process. For the time being we are limiting editing to the RN Team and/or by invitation only. Once we stabilize a bit more it will be opened up Smile. Please bear with us during this transition time Smile. Access the Wiki at Raven CMS Wiki

Also, please note that we are releasing v2.40.00 as a series of Release Candidates beginning with RC1. We are doing this for several reasons. Most importantly it allows us to release our version a little sooner as we are still tweaking/adjusting some areas for conformity.

We have added some new themes and converted some old ones. We are still working on some of them.

In any event, please have fun, read the Wiki documentation, and try to find solutions before posting issues Smile

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