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RavenPHPScripts announces availability of RavenNuke(tm) v2.3.0
Date: Monday, October 20, 2008 @ 01:20:18 CEST
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Visit the Download section at RavenPHPScripts.com to download RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 today!


The RavenNuke™ Team is pleased to announce the availability of RavenNuke™ 2.3.0. RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 raises the standard for Nuke-based Content Management Systems with over 100 new, improved, upgraded modules, themes and other addons and fixes that take RavenNuke™ to the next level of functionality, performance, ease-of-use, stability, security, and, of course, first-class support. RavenNuke™ uses the GPL license, has been tested on many hosting environments and has commonly-installed dependencies. The 2.3.0 release continues the RavenNuke™ tradition of combining functional enhancements, performance and security improvements and simplified ease-of-use for both users and administrators into a single package.

Major additions in RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 include:

  • RavenNuke™ Your Account (RNYA) (see details below)
  • Legal Documents (see details below)
  • Content Plus (addon) (see details below)
  • Spanish language translation
  • CT_RN theme
  • Ravenice theme (CSS)
  • Advanced error handling
  • Advanced installer with environment check

RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 also includes several upgrades:

  • nukeWYSIWYG™ featuring FCKeditor 2.6.3 and kses filtering (see details below)
  • TegoNuke™ Mailer
  • NukeSentinel™
  • nukePIE™ feed reader


RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 also includes several important enhancements make RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 even better:

  • Simplified block placement on a single update
  • Improved support for CSS
  • Limit the number of items in block RSS reader
  • Support for Google Chrome and Safari browsers in Statistics
  • Support for attachments in Private Messages
  • Numerous documentation improvements


The new RavenNuke™ Your Account (RNYA) advanced user management module is based on CNB YA 4.4.2 with many of the enhancements planned for CNB YA 5.0, as well as other improvements over the previous Your Account module, including:

  • Advanced user management inteface using AJAX
  • Inline validation and a password strength meter during registration via jQuery
  • Registration configuration options (e.g. admin approval required)
  • Ability to block user names and email domains during registration
  • All user fields can be configured to be required, optional or absent during registration
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Ability to require acceptance of Terms of Service and COPPA during and after registration
  • Integration with TegoNuke™ Mailer (SMTP mail support, as well as qmail, sendmail and phpmail)
  • Integration with NSN Groups / Forums groups
  • Integration of nukePIE™ with Headlines Reader (Change Home)
  • Integration of nukeWYSIWYG™ with user menu (Change Home)


The new Legal Documents module is based on DadaNuke Legal Documents, but with significant enhancements, including:

  • Documents are stored in a database
  • Support for multiple-languages
  • Integration with nukeWYSIWYG™
  • Integration with RNYA for TOS


The new Content Plus module from Slaytanic Scripts is included as an addon in this release of RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 and is planned as a replacement for the Content module in the next release. Content Plus includes many improvements over the standard Content module, including:

  • Ability for users to submit content pages
  • Custom image for categories (uploadable through the system)
  • Featured content for each category
  • Ability to print and/or export pages to PDF
  • Support for tags
  • Support for social bookmarking
  • Simplified content administration
  • Ability to change the order of pages
  • Support for multiple pages / pagination
  • Integration with TegoNuke™ Mailer


The upgraded nukeWYSIWYG featuring FCKeditor 2.6.3 includes several important improvements:

  • Support for Firefox 3, Opera 9.5+, and Safari 3+
  • New toolbar buttons: to create, modify and remove DIV containers (note the arrow in the image), blockquotes, and display blocks
  • Email links from the Link dialog are now encoded by default to prevent being harvested by spammers
  • The SHIFT+SPACE keystroke will now produce a character.
  • New floating dialog system to avoid problems with popup blockers and enhance the editor usability (especially with Firefox!!)
  • New "BrowserContextMenuOnCtrl" setting to enable/disable the display of the default browser's context menu with CTRIL - right-click
  • The SelectAll command now is available in Source Mode
  • With Firefox, if a paste execution is blocked by the browser security settings, automatically display the new "Paste" popup to the user to complete the pasting operation.
  • New advanced Enter Key Handler gives flexibility to configure the editor to generate <p>, <div> or <br> when the user uses both the [Enter] and [Shift]+[Enter] keys.
  • The new and powerful Keyboard Accelerator System to increase productivity (and optionally remove toolbar buttons without losing functionality)


RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 is the result of many months of dedicated effort by an expanding team of contributors who develop, secure, test, document and support this powerful CMS. There are a number of subtle changes and fixes that improve functionality and reliability. For a complete list of changes, please review the changelog included with the distribution.


If you would like to help make RavenNuke™ even better, there are many ways you can contribute:

  • Participate in beta testing future releases
  • Translate RavenNuke™ to additional languages (or improve existing translations)
  • Contribute addons, improvements or fixes that improve RavenNuke™
  • Donate to RavenPHPScripts.com
  • Promote / vote for RavenNuke™ on sites that review content management systems or scripts


Visit the Download section at RavenPHPScripts.com to download RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 today!

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